Know the reasons to be a casino dealer and get hired fast

There is no perfect company and not a single industry can guarantee lasting employment. However, casino jobs are aplenty because numerous establishments are being constructed and the industry is at an all-time high. Here are some of the reasons to be a casino dealer.


One of the best reasons is the annual salary of up to $100,000.

Short Training Period

The training for a dealer can be as quick as two weeks. There are companies that give their employees a chance to be a dealer by training them in-house, while others employ professional trainers to do the job. Typically, the cost for learning how to deal blackjack is $500. Complex games such as roulette are also charged a higher amount for training fees.

Benefits And Incentives

There are many multinational companies that own casinos, so employees are guaranteed to enjoy outstanding benefits. Medical benefits and bonuses are just some of the perks employees relish in.

Outstanding Working Conditions

Even though smoking is still allowed at some establishments, many dealers believe working in such places is still rewarding. It is standard at these places to have clean surroundings and excellent lighting and ventilation. Dining rooms for employees can compete with restaurant standards. Some places offer meal allowances worth $1 or $2 dollars, while others shoulder employee meals.

Work Schedule

Since most gambling companies operate round the clock, dealers work on shifts. A good reason to be in a game establishment is that early-outs can be usually availed in case of emergencies.


Majority of a dealer's income is from tips. In some companies, dealers are allowed to keep their tips, which greatly boost their earnings. The friendlier and more charming they are to customers, the bigger tips they can receive. That is one of the many great reasons to be a casino dealer.


Usually, dealers have a 30-minute break in between 1 and a half hours of working at the table.

Flexible Day Offs

The number of companies giving their employees personal time is increasing. Instead of vacations, they can have paid personal hours off each week. In terms of vacations, dealers can schedule them in advance.


For companies that own numerous companies, there are some that, if need be, allow their employees to move from one site to another, even if it is in an entirely different state. Dealers can also have other jobs if he or she is deemed fit to do it.

There are many more reasons to be a casino dealer. It is perfect for those who are looking for permanent employment or for part-timers. Of course, the job is not for just any person, but many people make a great career out of it.