Land Based Poker Tournaments - Just What The Doctor Ordered

Land based Poker tournaments seem to be all the rage these days. For those of us that just love to spend our leisure time playing the game on our lap top or watching the Texas Hold'Em Poker tournament on TV, what could be better than getting a serious dose of reality and stepping out in that big wide world out there that beckons us to pay it a visit, it could be just what the doctor ordered.

When you think about it, we have pretty much become a nation of couch potatoes, not wanting to shift from our natural habitat, when we're done for the day and it's leisure time. Even when our favorite local football team are on TV on Sunday or Monday Night football, who wants to join the throngs of people lining up to get in to cheer their team on in person, when you end up squinting in the nose bleed tier, trying to identify who's who on the field? Much easier to stay at home with your beer at your side, even the john's not more than 20 feet away when you need it, plus you even get to hear the commentary sitting in your favorite comfy lounger, what could be better?

Those of us that love to play the wild variations of poker online sometimes just don't realize what we are missing out on by not expanding on our knowledge of the game by getting involved in some of the land based poker tournaments that in some of our cases are not a million miles away. Tournaments are regularly run on a daily basis and it's not rocket science that if having stepped out of your shell you feel a bit intimidated sitting next to real people to play your game, just ease yourself in gently by playing at one of the low limit tables.

Just think about the possibilities of honing your craft of the game by being surrounded by players that may have a trick or two to teach you. You will quickly see that from the participation in land based Poker tournaments will follow the celebration of returning to this dimension of the game that's been locked away firmly in the dark recesses of your mind. You will be reborn again as you see what you have been missing for far too long. Yes, just like coming across a long lost girlfriend after all the years gone by, the soft spot in the heart, is still there for your true passion.