Gateway Declares Triumphant Reinvestment

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited is one of the few, gigantic gaming companies nestled in Canada, boasting one of the most diverse and unique set of assets from towering amounts of gaming properties, thousands of employees tens of restaurants and even a thousand hotel rooms. Still, it has always set its eyes on continuous improvement and has eyed on improving their portfolio even more. As part of their irrevocable dedication for top service, facilities and more, they have planned to refinance and reinvest on securing fresh and innovative capital structures along with top credit establishments.

On February 22, 2017, the prestigious Gateway Company has finally announced and declared their triumphant venture in providing refinancing for their credit facility, giving birth to their New and Innovative 'Senior Secured Credit Facility'. This new credit facility involves a plethora of options for their clients which involves a Senior Secured facility on revolving credit, term loan and notes. The Revolving credit structure boasts over CA$125 Million while the Term loan involves a portion of US$405 Million and CA$80 Million. The Notes due on 2024, dubbed as the New Notes, comes with over US$255 Million. Enforcing the fact of their victorious endeavor, the facilities they have produced surpassed their initial plans by over US$25 Million. With this successful venture, the company is confident that they'll be capable of providing more long-term and more flexible transactions and maturity rates.

In order for this venture to be possible and successful, Gateway Company has also involved itself in other steps of growth for the company. The first thing they did was repay the senior credit facility's outstanding amounts at present. They have also acquired and financed various Ontario Gaming properties from lotteries and more, paving way for what they called the Ontario Acquisitions. They have also made sure to regain 8.50% of the company's outstanding Existing Notes that were due on 2020 from the total amount of CA$200 Million. As a final step, Gateway have also disseminated to their shareholders, a staggering amount of US$100 Million.

With the booming progress of the company, it is expected that their acquisitions in Ontario along with their ongoing, innovative developments in other areas like in Western Canada, will also experience gradual growth that will certainly contribute more to the company's increasing reputation and prestige. The Chief Executive of the Gateway Company, Tony Santo, also added that the company is geared towards continuous growth and with it, they are also excited to see the future of their company along with the growth of their Ontario Acquisitions. On the other end of the spectrum, the Executive Chairman, Gabriel De Alba, stated his great satisfaction on the successful refinancing venture of the company that has allowed it to provide better and more flexible credit facilities with low capita cost. The successful transaction and venture of the company is contributed by those who executed it which includes ING, The National Bank of Canada and Financial Markets, CIBC Capital Market, Macquarie Capital, BMO Capital Market, Robinson Humphrey Sun Trust, all led by the illustrious Morgan Stanley.

The Catalyst Group

Gateway Casinos is also part of the bigger investment firm with private equity in nature, the Catalyst Capital Group. It's been established on 2002 and has already accumulated over $6 Billion amount of assets. It is a forerunner in its league that's highly risk-oriented and dedicated to provide excellence and outstanding service from its team, analytics, operation and more. It also boasts over a century's worth of experience in investment, marketing, credit and restructuring, encompassing countries from Europe, Latin America, US and Canada.