Edmonton, Alberta Casinos - Have You Heard Of This One?

Looking around the casino scene in Canada, we take a look at Edmonton, Alberta Casinos, in particular, the Baccarat Casino in Edmonton. An interesting combination of players can be found in Edmonton, Alberta casinos, not just the locals from downtown Edmonton, but here you will also find a variety of baccarat's Asian high rollers as well as hotel guests. The nightlife is interesting, but it's certainly not the main draw. The visitors come from from far and wide for the table game play that is fast and furious. At the end of a long day at the tables, if you still haven't had enough just logon to your favorite internet casino Alberta style from the comfort of your room!

About The Baccarat

Located in downtown Edmonton close to St. Albert's Gold Dust Casino, The Baccarat was built by Carlson Construction of Edmonton back 1n 1996 for around two and a quarter million dollars and is located at the intersection of 101st street & 104th Ave.

Interestingly enough, the founders of the casino were headed up by two Chinese Canadian entrepreneurs Simon Lee from Vancouver & Dick Wong from Edmonton and within 4 short years this 35,000 square feet entertainment enterprise had risen to number two in the casino money making stakes in the province, second only to Casino Calgary.

The Baccarat's Ownership & Some History

The Baccarat's corporate identity is tied to owners Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd., who are located in Burnaby, British Columbia. With nine facilities throughout British Columbia, this makes them one of the largest operators in the west of Canada. When Gateway Casinos underwent internal transition in 2010, ownership was transferred to a major creditor of Gateway, investment company, Catalyst Capital Group based in Toronto.

Other recent events prior to the internal restructuring of Gateway Casinos in 2010, was the vote by Edmonton city council in November 2006, to delay the purchase of city owned land sought for acquisition to enlarge the Baccarat's premises. This specifically related to the casinos latest expansion plans, but these were not due to be released until early 2007.

Going back further, to July 2005, the city of Edmonton introduced a strict no smoking policy in all of its Bing Halls, casinos and bars. Just a month earlier in June of 2005, The Baccarat casino looked to demolish their current site making way for department store Real Canadian Superstore. The purpose was to relocate premises to nearby 104th street. This move would not have come cheaply and would have come at a cost of some fifty five million dollars. Had it transpired, without doubt the landscape of the area would have changed. That said, The Baccarat still remains on its original site and if you are in the area, check it out, it's well worth a visit.